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Concerts and public events

Concerts and public events

Room rental for concerts and public events

The intimate acoustics of the 400-seat hall of high architectural and historical value meets all the requirements for classical music, and its professional sound and light equipment allows to implement even the most complex projects of popular music, fashion shows and other performances.

At your service


Theatre space, stage, bar, cloakroom, backstage, kitchen space, DJ station, women’s and men’s restrooms and other facilities;

Professional audio equipment

4 EAW speakers + 2 subwoofers, microphone, music player panel, 2 EV speakers in the bar area;

Professional light equipment

  • Daylight and colour stage lights 12 pcs.
  • LED in the bar 4 pcs.

Stage equipment

  • Automatic stage curtain;
  • Professional air conditioning and ventilation system ☼ ⁂


Cloakroom staff, Building keeper, Cleaning services before and after the transfer of premises.


  • 400 chairs
  • Bar stools 7 pcs
  • WiFi 10 Mb/s (free of charge)
  • baro stalai 7 vnt.: 70 x 70 cm, aukštis 113 cm
  • WiFi 10 Mb/s (nemokamas) – su galimybe iki 50 Mb/s

For your convenience – additional premises for rent:

Professional 5x3 m screen with a projector, Other equipment.

More information


  • Hall area: ~ 263m² (21m x 12,5m);
  • 4 vnt. “EAW” speakers;
  • 2 vnt. subwoofers;
  • Dimmed hall light


  • Stage area: ~ 48m² (4,5 x 10,5m);
  • Stage curtains;
  • 12 pcs. Coloured LED lights;
  • 6 pcs. light maxx platinum LED;


  • Baro area: ~ 74m²
  • 2 vnt. “EAW” speakers;
  • Bar;
  • High bar tables 7 pcs;

Other premises

  • Cloakroom;
  • Performer changing rooms;
  • Kitchen;
  • Staff changing room;
  • Equipment storage room;
  • Outdoor balcony;
  • Theatre balcony.

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    Project coordinator
    Phone: +37061220324
    Email: vaidilosteatras@priormusica.lt

    Director Inga Kuliavienė
    Phone: +37069885090
    Email: inga@priormusica.lt